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Chanell Heart

Black GFs

Chanell is an unbelievably sexy ebony girlfriend. She let's us know right at the beginning of this GFR video that it's for her BF, Brian. Then she goes on to do some very impressive booty shaking all while wearing a pair of crotch-less nylons. It's about that time Brian walks in and catches Chanell right in the middle of making her hot, homemade video for him. He wastes no time inspecting the hole in her pants and takes full advantage. Pussy exposed, he rubs Chanell's snatch until it's nice and wet, then rips open her nylons to expose her perfect ass for the taking. She gets so horny, she can't help but drop his pants and suck his dick. Brian pays the favor back and gives her the stroking of her life. Chanell loves every moment and even gets a big load blown all over her booty. Lucky for us the camera was recording the whole time.