On My Parents Bed

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Shelly Starr

Crazy College GFs

Alessandra hadn't seen her BF almost three months since they'd left to college. They were so horny, they knew their reunion was going to be hot and heavy. It turned out the same weekend Alessandra's BF came to her house, her parents were also out of town. It worked out perfectly because they had the house all to themselves. Alessandra and her BF did it everywhere in every imaginable way. But he pushed it even a little further when he suggested they do it on her parents bed. Alessandra hesitated, but agreed. She wore some sexy black lingerie which came off fast. Once they got into it, she sucked her BF's cock on her parents bed and took his cock deep in doggy style. He even came all over her hot teen tits. Don't think Mom and Dad would be too happy if they knew it was on their bed.