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Adrienne Anderson

Crazy College GFs

Adrienne's boyfriend couldn't make it with her to Miami for Spring Break. She offered to pay his way, but he had to do extra work to make up for his failing grades. This free spirited 18-year-old figured it'd still be fun even without him. But on the first day, she missed him terribly. Adrienne decided to give him a real treat and a good break from all the studying by making a video of her fondling herself on the beach. She got so hot and horny she had to go back to the room to finish herself off and provided some more footage for her BF. Once inside her hotel room, we get an up close and personal introduction to Adrienne's young sexy body. Her clean shaved pussy, plump ass and perky tits provided some excellent footage. Adrienne masturbated until she came and knew her message would be well received.