Tasting Tamra

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Black GFs

Tamra's boyfriend came in on her, camera blazing, and she didn't seem to like that. Busy on the computer, he was being a distraction to her. When her BF came at her with an offer to make a sextape, she wasn't having it. Lucky for us, her BF was persistent and just went ahead and pulled down her pants, exposed her round delicious black booty and gave it a rubbing. It seemed to work, because little by little, Tamra started to break down and engage him. Of course, after some serious negotiating, Tamra finally caved in and got her way for the sextape. Her BF basically promised to do all the chores forever! But after watching this video, we know it was all worth it. Tamra stripped down, showed off her amazing tits with pierced nipples, plump ass and perfect pussy. Then she got the idea to text him some nude selfies. The pics were insane HOT cause this black girl was banging. Tamra then got to sucking her BF's cock like only a true Ebony pro could. This girl was the world champ. Afterward, her BF stroked that pussy deep with his BBD. But the best part was when Tamra turned around and worked that dick from behind in doggy style. She loved that dick and making the sextape. She even loved it when her BF blew his load all over her sexy body.