Peyton In Private

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Black GFs

From the first second of this Black GF's video, we were hooked. As Peyton's BF filmed her taking selfies in the bathroom mirror, we could see her HOT pussy in plain sight. He explained it was their anniversary, so we had high hopes for this one. Peyton was drop dead gorgeous. She had a beautiful face, perfect skin, nice firm titties, a tiny waist and a big juicy ass. We couldn't wait to see her in action. When Peyton caught him creeping and filming through the door, she got super embarrassed. Yet within a minute, she was all giggly and showing off her hot ass, as she asked him if he'd liked the selfies she'd taken. Peyton was scared about doing anything on the camera, but her BF ensured her he'd never show it to anyone. He started to grab that sexy booty, and that got Peyton heated up. When she saw his dick was hard, she asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock. Of course, he did, so she went for it, dropped his pants and started sucking away. Peyton gave amazing head, and once her man was sprung, he had to get in that pussy. Her BF pounded that hot snatch from the back in doggy style, as Peyton ripe booty slapped up against him. If that wasn't hot enough, she got on top and rode that dick like only a Black GF could. When Peyton's BF was ready to cum, she jerked him off until he exploded, and she'll have you doing the same!