Soaking In The Cum

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Ava Sanchez

Black GFs

Ava and her BF took a trip south to get out of the snow and get some beach time. It had been a while, so Ava was really excited when they could finally see the water from the highway. Her boyfriend, however, was more interested in her nice ebony tits. He had his camera out, and as they waited for a drawbridge, asked for a little titty flash. After some hesitation, Ava gave a quick peak. Her boobs were big and beautiful, and we couldn't wait to see more of them. About then, he cut the video. When we caught up to them again, they were out on the sand. Ava had on a thong bikini, and that booty was insane. It was big, bubbly and guaranteed a good time. After the beach, there was a long walk back to the car, and we loved every moment. Ava wanted to get a bite to eat, but they headed back to the room they'd rented first for a little alone time. There Ava stripped down, got on her knees and started sucking her man off. This ebony babe gave a blowjob like no other. Then she turned that big booty around, and her BF tagged that pussy from behind. It was a thing of beauty watching that body get worked. When her man couldn't take anymore, he pulled out and blew an insane load that shot all the way up Ava's stomach and tits to her face. No doubt, Ava will have you busting like you were breaking Olympic records.