Bone In Becca

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Becca Lee

Black GFs

Becca was a Black GF that was extraordinarily cute. She had us hooked right from the start of this one. When we first saw her, Becca was laid out on a blanket by the pond. She was kind of bummed after a long day and a nail that'd broken only one day after her manicure. Her BF came up on her with his camera to try and cheer her up with some light jokes. As Becca rolled around on the blanket, we noticed her big delicious tits were only covered by her white t-shirt, and her ass looked round and juicy in her new thong. Her BF teased her about an alligator in the pond and used the hose nearby to shoo it away, but really, that was an excuse to expose Becca's tits through her wet shirt. The cold water got her perky, and she started teasing the camera. Her BF knew she was down and started playing with her pussy. Pretty soon, Becca's big juicy tits were out and she was sucking that dick like a pro. Her man was dying for that pussy by then and began to pound it it right there by the pond. He stroked that pussy deep, as Becca's big tits and ass bounced all over. But in the end, that pussy was just too good, and he pulled out and blasted his jizz load all over her pretty face. It was awesome!