Getting Lolo

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Codey Steele

GF Revenge

So my girl LoloPunzel calls me up and asks me to be at her place at 3pm the next day. I ask her why and she says it's a secret. Thinking to myself what the hell it could be, I set my alarm to 3pm. I wake up and it's fucking 2:34pm and I'm fucking late! I rush to put my clothes on and skip even eating! I'm rushing through traffic and I get to her place at 3:45. At this point she is livid and refuses to let me in, so I have to work the incredible charm and convince her to open the door. After some pleading mixed in with some begging she finally caves in. I always knew how to calm her down. Mind you she's wearing a sexy ass lingerie she had just bought to surprise me with! If I would of known that, I would of slept on her lawn...