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Black GFs

Can you imagine any reason why a guy would break up with a girl like the one on this week's Black GFs episode? Not only is she smoking hot, but she loves to pose and take nude photos for her man too. What else could a guy want? Well, how about some loyalty? Apparently, that was the only quality this girl lacked. After all, she was sexy, outgoing and always down for a good time. But that didn't mean much after this guy caught her sending sexy pictures to another dude. According to his submission letter, he always suspected it but never really had any proof until some random dude showed him a picture of her on his phone. Not only did he catch major beef with the dude who showed him the picture, but later he had to go home and deal with his girl. He kicked her out of the house and figured that was the end of it, but later he found out that she had more than one guy on the back burner. That's when he decided that this once private video would go public.