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Dare Dorm

You know how they say, There aint no party like a sexy foam party because a sexy foam party dont stop. Ok, they dont really say that, who is they anyway, but you would totally agree after seeing this crazy ass video of foamed out madness. North Carolina is the host school in this latest Dare Dorm entry, and the two roommates who taped it were very gung ho about winning the 10k prize. They were so determined to win that they smuggled a motherfucking foam machine into their dorm room, invited a bunch of babes over and recorded everything that went down. The result is as amazing as you could imagine. Bright lights, binge drinking, tons of foam and horny girls who get down in the dirtiest orgy I have seen in some time. If you ask me, the guys who submitted this gem already won big by being part of the action, but whatever they deserve the 10k for keeping me uh...entertained the whole damn time. This video will be hard to beat.