Bare Day

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GF Revenge

We love getting amateur self portraits here at GFR, but the thing that makes this photo gallery special is that all of these amazing pictures were sent to the wrong number! This sexy babe meant to send these photos to a guy she met the night before but instead she just sent it to some random dude. Our submitter said he received a message saying, It was great meeting u last nite... sendin u a surprise! The next thing he knows, his phone is bombarded by a dozen sexy photos that made his jaw drop. He's sure he didn't meet anyone because he hadn't been out in a while. However, rather than being selfish and keeping these incredible photos to himself, he remembered that he could send them to us for a chance to win some cash. It's lucky for both of us that he did because these pics were the top submission of the week. We can only hope this lucky bastard gets some more random females sexting him in the near future so we can get in on the action as well.