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GF Revenge

If you are a fan of tits, then this video is our holy grail. No lie, this honey's tits have to be a least DD's and all natural. They are not sloppy in the least bit either. Her boobs have bounce, perk, and delicious nipples that you'll want to suck on. She gives them a crazy nice massage that will have you wanting to massage your cock. I'm a titty man, and this is definitely one of my favorite GF Revenge amateur submissions. Let's here what our submitter, Joe, has to say about his ex. Joe tells us the video was shot while the couple was vacationing in the Bahamas. He admits that it had never occurred to him, but since they already had the camera cause they were on the cruise, Joe figured they might as well make a sexy video? His ex was cool with it, so he fired it up after she had come out the shower and was wiping down her boobs with lotion. It was so hot, I didn't even say anything. I just put the camera on the table and jerked off. Things ended bad between the couple. And Joe letting go of this video was his way of moving on.