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Sonny Nash

GF Revenge

Valerie was hanging out on the porch talking to a friend on the phone when her BF walked up camera in hand. She was looking super sexy, so he asked her about the hot get up? Turned out she had a new gig at an strip club as a bartender, which made sense because her ass was just hanging out looking really good. Thing is, Valerie had no panties on, so once her BF caught a glimpse of that pussy, it was on. He had to do some serious negotiating though to get her to take it to the next level, which included leveraging his motorcycle. However, Valerie agreed, and in no time, she had his cock stuffed into her mouth. She gave one of the best BJ's we'd ever seen on GFR, and she was just getting warmed up. The sex was crazy hot, and we were more than happy to watch her get that pussy stroked good. Too bad for Valerie her little sex tape did indeed get out. This is one you won't want to miss!