Super Sweet

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Bruno Dickenz

GF Revenge

A huge, stiff cock might be the only thing in the world that you could tempt a girl with in order to get her off the phone. This petite blonde was full engaged in a conversation with her girlfriend when her man busted into the room with his new camera rolling. After a little bit of sweet talking, this girl couldn't help herself. She said goodbye to her friend on the other line in order to reach out and touch that dick. Once she started deep-throating that cock, there was no turning back. He proceeded to fuck her doggy style until she couldn't handle it anymore. This guy's submission letter goes into all types of details as to way he broke up with this outrageous babe but it isn't our place to spread nasty rumors. Instead, we'll let you use your imagination and ask you to keep the most important thing in mind; we have the video!