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GF Revenge

This selfshot video captures one hot and freaky MILF. She sets up the camera to point right at her amazing ass and she rubs her pussy and asshole, as she asks her BF on the receiving end to put his cock in her "tight hole." Wow, now that is rare. A woman that asks you to fuck her in the ass. Anyway, she gives us a full shot off the booty and the beaver and evens gives us a glimpse at what her orgasms are like at the end. It's hot. Our submitter, Jim, gives us the rundown on this video. Jim met his ex online, and they started dating long distance. It was just a 2 hour flight, and the couple would meet in a hotel and fuck like dogs on weekends. Then his ex started going to his place instead. After 6 months, Jim brought up the idea of seeing her place or maybe even moving in together. She was very against it, and that made him suspicious. A couple weeks later, she asked Jim never to call her or email her again cause she was married and had a family. Jim was pissed and sent us the video hoping someone that knows her sees it, and the truth gets back to her hubby.