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GF Revenge

Blah, blah, blah. Too much talking in this video. This skinny little white girl looks like a freak, but we never get to actually see her handle cock. She just sits there on the bed looking sexy in lingerie and describes the way she wants to get fucked. Our submitter, Ron, told us he lived with her in Florida. She had just got a good job as a secretary making more money, so she wanted to celebrate with a trip to Vegas. Ron couldn't make it cause of work. He admits, he'd caught her cheating twice before, so he wasn't crazy about the whole thing. This time was way worse. If you see the video, you'll see what I mean. She mocks Jim, saying he has a little dick that never made her cum, and that she's about to fuck a black guy in the next room with a 12 incher. I never saw her again. I just got this video. I was so angry, I wanted to post on the web myself.